Community Hub 33, Leamington

“The children’s aid society is teaming up with other community agencies including the health unit and social services in Leamington to dramatically transform the way they offer services to county residents.” Read more

Transcription: Bill Bevan, Retired CEO, Windsor Essex Children’s Aid Society

Well we have a beautiful facility here in Windsor but we’ve been struggling with space in Leamington, for the southeast corner of Essex County. We have a 3,000 square-foot building that we sold and we’re moving into about 13,000 square feet of space for our staff, but more importantly for the clients we serve. The building is at 33 Princess, the Princess portion of that street will be closed so they’re going to refer to it as 33 Central; so it’s really a community hub, therefore community hub 33 will be the name of our particular professional hub. By getting together into this community hub 33, I think that we are really going to do something great. When you have this type of improved spaces for all of these services, clients that come in, children and families will be better served. This is what it’s all about, is getting a synergy going with community partners, providing a better service and then creating a story for children that’s going to be positive.

Community Hub 33 Official copy 2
Community Hub 33


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Visitation Room A
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Visitation Room B
Teaching Kitchen
Teaching Kitchen