Family Finding

Family Finding model

The Family Finding model, developed by Kevin Campbell, helps to build natural supports around families and children involved in the child welfare system. The goals of Family Finding are to:

  • Help caregivers increase their supports to best care for their child
  • Locate family members to care for children should out of home care be needed
  • Involve family members in the planning for their loved ones
  • Help connect each child and youth with a family, so they can have the lifelong connections that only a family provides

We believe:

  • Every child has a family, and they can be found if we try
  • A meaningful connection to family helps a child develop a sense of belonging
  • Natural supports and connections increase safety for children and their families.

The Family Finding model works to increase the child and family’s support network by locating and connecting with relatives and other supportive people important to the family. It is hoped that these people can offer life-long support and connection, as we believe that child welfare services and supports, including foster care, are meant to be temporary.