Attend an Information Session




Please attend an open house information session to learn more about becoming a foster parent

Nada Machhour is a foster parent. Watch and hear her story/interview on CTV 

“Sesame Street” bridges many cultural and educational gaps, and recently they created a new Muppet that is in Foster Care. Listen to this interview to hear how they created the storyline. Foster Care Muppet Interview

What the video here: Sesame Street’ welcomes a Muppet in foster care, the latest addition to its inclusive cast


A phone call to our Foster Parent Recruiter will give us the opportunity to provide you with initial information, 519-252-1171

Offer a loving, committed and nurturing environment to a teen so they have the opportunity to develop into who they are…they deserve it!

Watch this video about Fostering,
One Caring Adult Away by Josh Shipp