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*Ready, Set, Go (RSG) Program: FACT SHEET

On April 1st, 2023, The Ready, Set, Go (RSG) Program was introduced (replaces Continued Care and Support for Youth “CCSY” program) and its intent is to provide both financial and non-financial support to eligible youth aged 18 – 22 which will enhance their ability to meet goals and build on strengths during a time when the transition to adulthood is taking place.

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Family Wellbeing Program

The Family Wellbeing Team delivers sixteen different groups/workshops throughout the year with some being offered multiple times. These included: Strengthening Families for the Future; Clean Sweep; Budgeting; Heart of Parenting; Back to Basics; Mindful Me Yoga; Parenting your Spirited Child; Autism; Tech Savvy; Triple P Parenting; Building Positive Relationships; and Dove Self-Esteem. Teachable Moments

Child Abuse Prevention Program

The Child Abuse Prevention Program was formed out of the need to address the education and prevention of child abuse as a child welfare mandate. The Program works closely with our community partners and the community at large to ensure that the issue of child abuse remains in the forefront of public education efforts aimed at reducing and preventing its impact on children and families. The mandate of the Program is to prevent child abuse through the collaboration of services, education, advocacy and the promotion of a safe and healthy environment for children in Windsor and Essex County.

Music and Art Enrichment

The Music and Art enrichment programs enable children and youth the opportunity to express themselves in a safe and creative environment. Led by a Music Specialist and Art Instructor, activities such as vocal and instrumental music, painting, and other forms of art are the essence of bringing out a child’s self-expression. An annual concert and exhibit showcases the talents of the young people.

Back to School Backpack Program

The Back to School Backpack Program enables approximately 900 children and youth that the Children’s Aid Society supports the ability to start the new school year on an equal footing with their peers. Each receives a new back-pack fully equipped with school supplies. This program builds self-esteem and assures that every child/youth has what is necessary to get them off to a good beginning.

Academic • Holiday Dinners

Twice a year, dinners are held to support and recognize our youth. The Academic Dinner which takes place in June recognizes the academic accomplishments of youth including elementary school, secondary school graduations and post-secondary attendance and graduation. Bursaries are also awarded to recipients at this dinner. The annual Holiday Dinner in December is when many of our youth and their supporters gather together to share a meal, participate in activities and receive gifts that assist them with their daily living. For many of our young people, this dinner is a highlight of the Holiday Season.

Homework/Tutoring Program

Homework ProgramThe Homework/Tutoring Program is designed to increase self-confidence and academic performance. Delivered at both the Windsor and Leamington offices, approximately 40 students benefit from the program each year. Tutors are retired teachers, professionals, university and high school students and work one-on-one with students enrolled in the program. The program has proven to be overwhelmingly successful as skills are developed and interest in studies is enhanced. Children have the use of iPads as resources which put them on an equal footing with classmates. Also, a Smart Board tracks results that are reviewed by agency workers and the child’s teachers and tutors.

Youth With Cameras Program

The Youth With Cameras Program not only teaches photography, it instills self-confidence and lends to the establishment and strengthening of friendships. Participants are given a new camera. Under the direction of a Society staff and an expert from Henry’s Camera’s, students visit a number of local landmarks and destinations to pursue their new hobby. Photos are displayed at an annual Gallery Showing planned by the youth.


Fresh Air Summer Camp

Each year, over 350 children who receive services from the Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Society are given an opportunity to participate in a variety of day and residential camps. Camp is an enriching experience for these young people enabling them to develop skills, establish friendships and capture memories that will last a lifetime. The majority of these children would have no other form of a summer vacation. Each child’s situation is evaluated to determine the most appropriate camp experience. Make a contribution to a child’s lasting memories here:

Holiday Program

The Holiday Program serves to bring holiday cheer to families in need. Over 860 families that the Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Society provides services to are supported with clothing, food, gift cards, toys and personal items. Without the generosity of the community, many of these families would have little to celebrate. Individuals, organizations and businesses adopt families and contribute to the true spirit of the season.



Education is the catalyst for encouraging positive change and influencing ultimate life goals. Many of our youth have minimal support systems to support their aspirations. Bursaries assist youth with tuition costs for apprenticeships, college or university. They also help underwrite living expenses as many of these young people live independently. This enables them to focus on their studies. An application process is provided for youth who have an interest in pursuing bursaries focused on post-secondary education.

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Our “You Can Write a Child’s Story” campaign, which includes our various programs, makes it easy for you to choose one of the many options of where your donation can make a difference.

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