Lesson 3: Well Being in the Community

Understanding what wellbeing is all about and how we can make sure all of our needs are being met. Adults have a role to play.

Wellbeing in the community tells the story of one particular young beastie named MaroonBeastie. MaroonBeastie is pretty cool and well-liked. You’d think that would be enough for any beastie, but MaroonBeastie has one thing that they’re really really into and can’t get enough of. For as long as they can remember, MaroonBeastie has always been into treecones.

But lately, MaroonBeastie is feeling more and more like no matter how many cones they collect – and they’ve collected a LOT of treecones – it’s somehow never enough. Meanwhile, it seems like ALL the other beasties are carrying on with fulfilling lives.

MaroonBeastie’s journey leads them to encounter many beastie friends along the way, including an adult beastie named SepiaBeastie who knows a thing or two about a thing or two. SepiaBeastie teaches all the young beasties an important lesson about wellbeing, how important it is to have all our needs met, and how adult beasties can help.

MaroonBeastie finally understands this lesson and in the end, finds what they have been needing the most.

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