Lesson 2: Getting Touchy

How different kinds of touch can make us feel, learning about boundaries & consent, and the importance of getting help from an adult.

Getting Touchy tells the story about RedBeastie who has REALLY ticklish head tendrils and is super self-conscious about it to boot. But they’re just so bouncy and blobby that most other folks can’t help themselves from reaching out and giving them a feel or a poke. This makes RedBeastie really uncomfortable. It reminds them of when their older cousin used to make fun of their sensitivity and would use them as little punching bags, which actually hurt a lot.

One day, RedBeastie meets a really nice beastie, GreenBeastie. They become fast pals and their friendship flourishes. There’s one problem though, RedBeastie is worried the same thing will happen with GreenBeastie. This leads to a lot of misunderstanding and hurt feelings which almost ends their friendship.

Thanks to some help from an older and wiser beastie named BurntSiennaBeastie, these beastie besties learn an important lesson together about consent and boundaries.  AND in the end, they find a new and special way to celebrate their friendship!

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