What is Foster Care?

Foster A Future

When there are serious concerns about the care a child is receiving at home, he or she may need to be placed in a foster home. Foster parents provide a temporary home for children who are in our care. They encourage a child’s growth and development through the stability of a caring home and family environment, playing an important role in the child’s daily life. Foster parents work with us as part of a team to develop a plan for each child in care. The ideal strategy is to remove all safety concerns in a home in order to reunite the child with their family. Where this is not possible, the plan may include adoption long-term foster care or kin.

Who are Foster Children?

Each child in our care is unique. Some are voluntarily placed here while others are in care by a court order. Children range in age from infancy to 18 years; some are sibling groups of brothers and sisters and reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of our community. Additionally, some may come in to care because there is a conflict within the family or because of a parent’s illness. Others come to us because the family cannot provide adequate care or the necessities of life for a variety of reasons. Still, others may have been neglected, abused or abandoned.

Who are Foster Parents?

Foster Parents come from all walks of life and a variety of backgrounds. They may be experienced parents whose children have grown, young couples raising their own children, older couples, single persons, same-sex couples and individuals with training in child care. All have a genuine interest in children and young people, are patient and welcoming and have a sense of community responsibility.
A phone call to our Foster Parent Recruiter will give us the opportunity to provide you with initial information, 519-252-1171

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