Getting Started

PRIDE Training and the SAFE Home Study

Training Before Approval

As part of the approval process, you will be required to complete the Parent Resources for Information Development and Education training (P.R.I.D.E.). This training consists of 9 three hour in class sessions. The training is mandatory for all foster parents. P.R.I.D.E. training will cover essential topics that will help you in your role as a foster parent. The training modules covered in P.R.I.D.E. include:

  • Connecting with P.R.I.D.E.
  • Teamwork Towards Permanence
  • Meeting Developmental Needs: Attachment
  • Meeting Developmental Needs: Loss
  • Strengthening Family Relationships
  • Meeting Developmental Needs: Discipline
  • Continuing Family relationships
  • Planning For Change
  • Making and informed Decision

The SAFE (Structured Analysis Family Evaluation) Home Study will take place during or after your training is completed. This mutual evaluation process includes multiple interviews in your home and identifies your readiness, willingness, and ability to foster a child.

During the training and home study process, you will be provided with a package that asks for several documents to be completed, including:

  • Police Record Check for Service with the Vulnerable Sector
  • Child Welfare Record Search
  • Medical Report from your doctor
  • Personal references
  • SAFE Financial

These and a few other documents help to complete the assessment of your family. Often families are curious as to what we are looking for when we are assessing families for fostering. We know that children require stability, consistency, and security in their home environments. Typically, we have found that successful foster families have:

  • Realistic expectations and the ability to understand the needs of children/youth
  • Patient and strong parenting skills
  • A strong commitment to a child or youth
  • The ability to accept differences in others
  • Know how to build up a child’s self-esteem
  • Encourage a feeling of belonging within the foster family
  • The patience to let children progress at their own pace

We know that life can bring challenges to all families at times. If your family has recently experienced a loss or is under significant stress, it would be better for you to wait for a period of time before continuing with your fostering plans. Having a stable, healthy family environment is key to a successful fostering experience.

Foster Family Qualifications and Support

  • A foster family must provide a foster child with his or her own bed and adequate space. A foster child may not sleep in an unfinished basement.
  • Past experience caring for children or youth is a definite advantage.
  • Working foster parents must arrange appropriate supervision for children and youth.
  • A basic understanding of child’s and/or youth’s needs, as well as a willingness to learn, is required.
  • Love of young people, optimism, patience and consistency are essential to the successful foster family.

Support to Foster Families

Each foster family is assigned a resource worker and has access to support through the agency 24-hours a day. Training and educational opportunities are also provided to foster parents, including the PRIDE Program. As well, the local Foster Parent Association provides mutual support and networking between foster parents.

Foster families receive a daily board rate for each day the child or youth resides in their home. Many other expenses are also covered, such as clothing, medical and dental costs, school supplies, lessons, transit fares, etc.

Ask Yourself

Not everyone has the personality or lifestyle needed to be a foster parent. Before you consider fostering ask yourself these questions.

  • Can I accept and care for a child who has come from a difficult background?
  • Can I help a child develop a sense of belonging in my home even though their stay may be temporary?
  • Can I love a child who because of fear of rejection, does not easily love back?
  • Am I secure enough in myself and my parenting skills?
  • Can I set clear limits, and be both firm and understanding?
  • Can I view small gains as success and accept setbacks?
  • Can I accept assistance and parenting guidance from trained professionals?
  • Can I maintain a positive attitude towards children’s parents even though many of the problems the child is experiencing is a direct result of the parents’ actions?
  • Can I love with all my heart and then let go?
A phone call to our Foster Parent Recruiter will give us the opportunity to provide you with initial information, 519-252-1171

More questions? Attend an Information Session


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