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Foster Family Qualifications & Support


·          A foster family must provide a foster child with his or her own bed and adequate space. A foster child may not sleep in an unfinished basement.

·          Past experience caring for children or youth is a definite advantage. 

·          Working foster parents must arrange appropriate supervision for children and youth. 

·          A basic understanding of children's and/or youth's needs, as well as a willingness to learn, is required. 

·          Love of young people, optimism, patience and consistency are essential to the successful foster family.



Support to Foster Families


Each foster family is assigned a resource worker and has access to support through the agency 24-hours a day.   Training and educational opportunities are also provided to foster parents, including the newly instituted PRIDE Program. As well, the local Foster Parent Association provides mutual support and networking between foster parents.


Foster families receive a daily board rate for each day the child or youth resides in their home. Many other expenses are also covered, such as clothing, medical and dental costs, school supplies, lessons, transit fares, etc.
























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